25 March 2017

Horse Racing is deep in our pedigree

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As Project Manager for the build and de-rig of all external non-permanent overlay facilities including the famed “tented village” our remit here is to ensure the build is ready for the Cheltenham Festival. 

There are over 40,000 sqm of facility floor space at the Cheltenham Festival this year. These facilities are mainly within the Guinness Village, The Courtyard and the Best Mate enclosure. In addition, we are housing approximately 60,000 pieces of furniture to be part of “set changes” each and every day as there will be in excess of 100,000 patrons going through these facilities over the four days of horse racing. 

Paul Barrett, our relationship project manager, deals with every aspect of the build, from the planning and marking out to the setting and placement of all required infrastructure as well as the management of all contractors involved in the delivery of the overlay for the festival. These include marquee companies, electricians, caterers, television and AV suppliers, water, gas and OH&S liaison to mention a few.
Jack Langdren will be working for the Jockey Club Caterers (Compass) and will be heading up the helpdesk for Festival monitoring, vetting all calls as they come through on the 2 days prior the Festival and for the four race days. Jack will be recording the issues as they are reported and distributing them to the appropriate representative for action. The helpdesk covers all areas around course dealing with all aspects of an event race day and all contractors.
Our newly promoted General Manager Operations, Greig Bellshaw, will manage the extensive movement, storage and inventory of all of the furniture on site and ensure accurate placement throughout the non-permanent overlay facilities. Dealing with and managing the two main hire companies and their sub-contractors in order to ensure that all facilities have the correct allocation throughout the festival while having a major focus on asset control to minimise the damage and loss of furniture.