Andres Castellanos Garcia

Systems engineer

Andres joined the Incognitus management team in 2019 in IT and Administration. A systems engineer with a Masters in Management Information Systems, Andres is a deeply valued member of the crew and has taken lead of various implementations and integrations of software and technology throughout his time at our Flemington office. His areas of expertise include analytics, software development and Microsoft Certified Professional.

Throughout his time with Incognitus, Andres has led a number of projects in streamlining and refining technological processes. Some of these achievements include the systemisation of the check-in and check-out processes for the 2019 Melbourne Cup, reducing operating time and costs; implementation of ticket system and tasks to make a balance in the Incognitus Recruitment Workflow; development of a recruitment portal customisable to events and projects; and project development to track moves, status and locations in real time for equipment. Most recently, he has led the implementation of SAP and Ento into Incognitus operation.

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