Paul Lovett

Partner / Principal

Paul Lovett, Partner/Principal Incognitus has over 30 years’ global experience working in the Leisure, Sports & Entertainment Industry. An expert in building teams to deploy at events all over the world and an unsurpassed knowledge of project operations, logistics and procurement resulting in events that are delivered on time, on budget and always far exceeding the expectations of clients.

Paul began his entrepreneurial ambitions in the late 80’s in Melbourne, Australia. Following graduation, Paul entrenched himself into what was to become a highly successful business model in the form of a services business operating in the cleaning services market. Together with Brother Craig, they formed what was truly a remarkable family business.

Within 10 years, the company went from backyard visions to a global brand. During 1996, Paul relocated to the USA to lead the management and consultancy contract for the Organizing Committee of the Atlanta Olympic Games. Given the delivery success, Paul remained in the United States, taking responsibility for the start-up operation and assumed the role of the President of the USA Company at the young age of 27 years.

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Operations Manager
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Administrator and Coordinator
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Accounts Management & Event Administrator
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