Hospitality Conception


The Project

Hospitality Management

The Problem

Multi-divisional supply company with a disjointed approach to marketing via sponsorship and hospitality management with ever increasing expenditure with a limited return on the investment.

The Strategy

To assist with the bundling of the sponsorship and hospitality assets, with a profiling of the multi-divisional sales funnel to capture the best use of the assest via corporate entertainment. To manage the renegotiations of all sponsorship and hospitality contract terms to suit the redeveloping business and identify the key asset for use of the company.

In the circumstances of unnecessary asset within the portfolio we develop an on sell strategy to reduce the amount of exposure to the client hospitality assets.

The Solution

To design a package that caters for the high-end clients to ensure a maximum promotion of the company though the sponsorship and hospitality program.

Incognitus continually searches for the on sell capability within the market on unused assets, and manages the program to our client’s budget agreements.

Incognitus presents quarterly reports to our client to track our progression on an event by event basis, and administers the coordination of guest invites and acceptances to each event on behalf of our client, which we feed into a specifically tailored database to ensure our client has a significant customer relations profile to refer to for future events.

This program also allows us to increase the ‘value adds’ to our customers and the client base by having a profile on their previous experiences within the hospitality and sponsorship program. This is also supported by Incognitus managing the interface with the client.