Hospitality management systems


The Project

Development of a Hospitality Management System

The Problem

The client had a multi million dollar Sponsorship and Hospitality exposure that under pinned it’s client management and recurring revenue platforms that had grown out of control and required a system that would ensure that they made “best and effective use” of their investment.

The Strategy

To develop a software program to track event details, ticket availability, ticket sales, invitation generation and financial reporting that linked to a CRM interface.

The Solution

A fully operational system was developed to manage the hospitality and sponsorship process. All details about events that we manage are able to be entered into the system to allow quick visibility of available tickets to premier events. All invitations can be generated by the system and emailed to invitees. Acceptances can then be tracked in line with the CRM to see where Clients have attended. Full financial tracking of each event can be reported. Administratively this system has reduced a great amount of time in the managing of hospitality and sponsorship.


The success of our solution was immediate for the client. They now enjoy a well managed, diverse sponsorship and hospitality program that is directly targeted to their B to B client base. The seamless management of the invitation/engagement interface ensures that a multi-level relationship is managed and that their Executive and Regional teams are interconnected with those that are attending events at all levels.