Major World Sporting Event

The Project

Operational Audit & Customer Experience Management

The Problem

The support of a premier, national sports league in Australia, the Client is the one of the popular sports competition leagues in the country as measured by the average domestic sports attendances. Incognitus was engaged to provide venue Operational Audits to establish a benchmark for existing event operations. The evaluation included a comparative of global best practices and a Guest Experience survey program for league matches to assess the front line staff, operational preparedness and overall customer.

The Strategy

Incognitus wanted to provide the Client with a realistic reflection of the guest’s game-day experience through an evaluation of the guest’s event experience from start to finish. This would be accomplished through an operational evaluation of the venue and each customer touch point. Our role would include the development of a custom survey to analyse every aspect of the guest experience at each point of guest interaction. The Client’s buyer database would be utilised to determine participants in order to identify both performance gaps and areas where the event experience is excelling. This would provide an important baseline for ongoing tracking and a continuous improvement through the cross referencing of the venue audit and the guest survey feedback.

The Solution

Incognitus established a comprehensive audit program tailored to the unique qualities of the venue. Through evaluation and analysis by experienced venue operators, Incognitus completed an operational assessment to report on the event experience from guest through each and every touch point of a guest’s experience at the event match. Included in the process was our proprietary “Great Experiences” Guest Survey Program which provided direct feedback and insight to help the Client more fully understand and appreciate the needs and desires of their guest. This valuable information helped to create the best experience for the guest and integrate that experience standard across all guest touch points and throughout every level of the Client’s organisation and venue operation.

Incognitus then further analysed the Client’s guest experience at multiple other events during the season and identified areas for quick and long-term improvement. This evaluation process and reporting allowed the Client to understand the overall guest experience and assist the Client to easily identify the strengths and areas that need improvement. Provided in the reporting were actionable solutions and creative opportunities for the Client to share with venue managers to improve the overall success of events and further promote the Client’s positive brand.

Additionally, the direct guest feedback completes the Customer Loyalty Loop and is fed back into improved standards, training, and reward systems designed to elevate the experience bar year-after-year. As the guest expectations increase and the benchmarking of the guest experience becomes more of a global comparison, the program helps the venue and appropriate venue management adjust and continue to maintain the critical edge over other entertainment competition.

  • Facility Assessments & Operational Audit
  • Guest Experience Benchmarking
  • Safety and Security Consulting

Evaluation areas explored as part of this engagement included operations, parking, ticketing, security, crowd management, guest services, appearance and cleanliness, premium services and food and beverage.

The Incognitus audit and survey staff has a combined experience of more than 150 years in facility operations, venue development and management and bring global experience to each and every project.


Our research and reported/documented advice has led to immediate changes in fan experiences and has been adopted in at least 4 stadia where the client hosts their product. Further involvement has led to an engagement in new stadia design where the results of our findings have been utilised.