Operational Readiness


The Project

Operational Consultancy with a focus on Operational Sustainability.

The Problem

As part of the redevelopment of a major sports stadium, our Client realised that through the development planning stage the operational needs and wants of the facility, once they are in “operational mode” can cause excessive operational costs right from opening day.

The Strategy

By working with the knowledge that typically “it cost no more to do things right than wrong, and expensive when done wrong and immediately in need of retrospective refit”, and by investing in a program that clearly identifies the actual manner that a stadium will need to “live and operate”, Incognitus provided a clear direction for the architectural team to incorporate operational realities into the development.

The Solution

Acting as operational advocate, Incognitus joined the planning and development team to develop practical operational plans that enabled the architects to develop parts of the build around an operational outcome.

Incognitus developed a Site Wide Waste Management Plan (SWWMP) that complied with the relevant codes and requirements of the local authorities and the relevant planning processes for the stadium redevelopment. This also provided the necessary platform to have factual input into waste stream design and operational procedures within the venue.

Elements will include:

  • Waste streaming advice
  • Development of packaging covenants that will dovetail into the SWWMP
  • Determine waste generation factors
  • Determine waste quantity per event
  • Develop waste infrastructure plan
  • Development of horizontal and vertical waste management protocols within the facility
  • Determine space requirements for waste infrastructure directly connected with waste generation
  • Develop a site wide signage program specifically designed for the facility
  • Investigate opportunities for grants and awards to complement the facility
  • Development of a site wide waste education program

Have direct input into:

  • Restroom layout and design including
  • Fixtures, fittings and equipment
  • Wall and floor fixtures and furniture
  • Location and quantity in direct relationship to the “year round” intended use of the facility

Labour Usage: Assisted the planning team with operational knowledge and inputs of the effects of planning correctly for long term operations with view of reducing the event by event operational costs.


Whilst the venue doesn’t open until 2011 a solid waste management and recycling plan has already been developed backed up with the necessary infrastructure to operationally deliver the solid waste management plan. Incorporating and designing more storage facilities throughout the venue have reduced pre, post and during event labour and associated costs.