Operations Management


The Project

Operational Readiness

The Problem

An International World Cup event management team secured an event for the Caribbean region and off laid operational risks to numerous Local Organising Committees (9) causing a potential break down in venue presentation.

The Strategy

To ensure consistent “World’s Best” operational service standards and customer experience throughout 13 venues in 8 countries regardless of cultural, economic and financial differences and to leave a lasting legacy to local companies and individuals in providing services to the local event and venue industries in a “World Stage ” environment.

The Solution

Our Principal was engaged to lead the project, to manage the takeover and hand back venue presentation protocols involved with 13 venues in 8 individual countries, to engage with the local organising committees and establish their capability to deliver low tech services (cleaning, waste management, recycling services) at each and every venue; whilst at the same time conduct a gap analysis of any potential service shortfalls and develop and engage for any/all.

The next step was to arrange and provide a venue presentation project management team to scope and document the competition wide needs including: the writing of individual tenders, tender negotiation as well as contract and operational management. In turn, we provided eight project managers to oversee contractors to ensure uniform quality standards and service delivery throughout the 8 countries involved.


The long term legacy objectives that came out of this project included:

  • Equipped local businesses with venue and event operational knowledge
  • Introduced a way to explore venue and event waste recycling as a viable future operation.
  • Introduction of new equipment and operational procedures leading to a reduction in labour.