Venue Development


The Project

Consultation and project management on a 12,000 seat amphitheatre for non-profit

The Problem

  • Provide complete, expert consultation at the very foundation of the project including concept and venue design. 
  • Provide complete project management from ground breaking through the opening season and beyond ensuring a successful operation.

The Strategy

Design a best of breed event while recognising the importance of a ‘value add on value add’ hospitality program to engage top end clients though unique events that reflect a ‘Money Can’t Buy Experience’ that demands the best value to our client.

In addition, due to the special needs and requirements of a Non Profit organisation, special attention was required with regard to the project’s funding, finances, marketing, PR and other special requirements.

The Solution

Depending upon decades of experience, we consulted with the client and the client’s architect and engineers to design a facility that made the best use of the site, maintained critical environmental demands and met the needs required of a successful entertainment venue of the size and type being constructed.

We assigned one of our experienced Project Managers to the project who was solely responsible for overseeing all aspects of design and construction. The Project Manager acted as the client’s representative with architects and engineers, general contractor, city code officers and other third party providers. A comprehensive FF&E schedule was developed and purchasing policies and procedures were established.

Simultaneously, our development and operations unit developed P&L budgets, staffing models, policies and procedures with accompanying handbooks, loss prevention programs, brand introduction and marketing plans, as well as a comprehensive PR program.

One of the most crucial aspects that contribute to the success of a venue is the ability to effectively and efficiently book and program the venue. Not unlike a computer, a venue such as this is completely ineffective without quality software. Incognitus formulated a booking and programming program in a competitive market that successfully provided quality programming for the venue, immediately propelling the venue into one of the best of its type in North America.

Incognitus provided critical support in negotiating the terms of a lucrative NIT deal a full year prior to the opening of the venue. Our involvement resulted in an agreement that netted substantially more bottom line revenue then had previously been realised in similar NIT deals. Additionally, we played a critical role in securing a very lucrative ticketing deal that netted the client over $250,000 in additional revenues above their previous deal.

The Incognitus development unit also created a comprehensive premium sales program. This program served two purposes – it was utilised to promote brand awareness within the market prior to opening, while also introducing and selling premium assets. The multi-purpose program successfully introduced the brand while simultaneously successfully selling out of all premium inventories prior to opening, netting


Incognitus effectively and successfully oversaw the development of this project from concept and design through the initial year of operation. The expertise that we brought to this project continues to demonstrate the importance of professional consultation early in a project. The decades of experience brought to the project by our team and our ability to understand and build upon the specific requirements of a Non-Profit organisation, allowed for this commercial enterprise to flourish in the world of Non-Profit organisations.