Waste Management Planning


The Project

Design, Package & Manage Hospitality

The Problem

An Australasian division of a Global corporation searching for the best possible platform to engage clients and prospects without over capitalising or under servicing.

The Strategy

Design a best of breed event while recognising the importance of a ‘value add on value add’ hospitality program to engage top end clients though unique events that reflect a ‘Money Can’t Buy Experience’ that demands the best value to our client.

The Solution

Create opportunities for unique events though personal touches, from celebrity guest speakers with personal invites from our speaker to your client. Create events from large scale parties to the most intimate dinners in locations never thought possible.

We can create quality packages to include every element of an exceptional seamless premium event for your clients.

These are inclusive of all event management services, including but not limited to, the administering of the highest quality food and beverage, facility location and layout, entertainment, hosting, accommodations, transport and exceptional service to provide an exclusive and unique event specifically tailored to the high-end market.