Where we started

During mid 2008, our company was formed with the focus on its founders: setting a path to create solutions for the world’s decision makers, primarily in the Leisure, Sports and Entertainment arena. At the centre are Lovett Brothers (Craig and Paul) stand as partners with a collective 60 years of experience in the sector.



Built on the deep belief that good business is formed around great relationships, Incognitus will strive to share and nurture connections and leverage the opportunity to deliver with pride, a quality business platform. The name is of purpose and has meaning.

With an immediate recognition that there was a real need for a “go to” platform that could assist business leaders looking to achieve their goals - without the extraordinary expense of the full time employment of industry knowledgeable professionals. The openness in which the three partners share their ideas and strategise solutions is not missed in their respect for each other. From this, the foundation stones for Incognitus were formed.

Incognitus possesses an ever-present focus of being in support from behind the scenes. Combined with a desire to provide a platform of professional and confident business advice - via the facilitation of solutions for those in need of expertise - the founding partners have engineered a vision that has culminated into a cutting edge formula of success.

The professionals have formed a management team, many of which have “skin in the game” as partners/associates in this creative practice. It is this expertise that has provided simple solutions to business leaders in over 4 continents.

With permanent operations within Australia, UK and the USA, Incognitus is armed with the solution to every problem. The experience of the partners is exponential; from event creation and management to the creation, implementation, readiness and management of projects - projects that have had scale of “millions of man hours” of work.

Incognitus: (noun) Latin of Incognito; to be behind the scenes, quietly and confidently in support, a faceless strength to be behind the scenes.


Creating solutions for Global decision makers, staying professionally in the background in support,
ensuring our clients and their needs are foremost in focus.

  • Event Conceptualisation, Creation and Project Management
  • Operational Readiness, Design and Implementation
  • Consult and Advice on the Major International Event Arena
  • Hospitality Management Development and Management
  • Design Inputs and Advocacy in the Venue and Events Sector
  • Tender Design and Process and Management
  • Relationship Leverage
Event Crew
  • Partnering via brand alliance making their needs our tasks leveraging mutually beneficial opportunity
  • Creating deeply entrenched relationships
  • Taking Global lessons and sharing the knowledge openly and transparently for the benefit of our customers
  • Understanding that the world of business has no boundaries other than those that are self created
  • Guarantee “absolute in confidence” co-operating platforms
  • Our people and their needs are everything, their success is fundamentally important to us
  • Having fun whilst doing business

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